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For Families

Our Approach to ABA

In-Home ABA Services

In-home ABA therapy facilitates learning and decreases undesirable behaviors because the ABA services are delivered in an atmosphere the child finds safe, familiar, and non-threatening. This allows BMCI’s clinical team to better manage the child’s behavior so ABA therapies and techniques can be more effectively implemented. Home-based developmental interventions have also shown to have a significant impact on the child’s parents, resulting in reduced parental stress and depression while increasing parental satisfaction with outcomes.

In-home ABA therapy provides the opportunity to improve a child’s:

  • Social skills
  • Self-help skills (e.g., toilet training, self-dressing, self-care, eating, etc.)
  • Family interactions (e.g., performing chores, eating together, etc.)
  • Verbal behavior
  • Academics
  • Independence

In-home ABA therapy provides the ideal setting for teaching children daily living and household skills, as it allows the applied behavior analyst to implement interventions in the setting where the behavior will take place. In other words, ABA therapies may be most effective when taught in a natural environment instead of a simulated one.

In-home therapy also facilitates parent/caregiver training, a necessary component of any ABA program. Numerous studies have found that parental teaching results in more frequent verbalizations, spontaneous speech, and specific words and improvement in the social interactions of a child with ASD.

In-home care provides better, and more opportunities for parent and caregiver training, thereby allowing them to reinforce the ABA interventions and increase the chances that the child will maintain the desired behavior. We believe that families play an important role in the entire treatment process. That is why we encourage families to participate by educating them on some points needed to be done to help their child cope with challenging behaviors at home.

Tele-health ABA Services

A lack of access to ABA services remains a problem throughout much of the nation, particularly in rural areas. Telehealth—the use of technology (usually videoconferencing) to deliver services like ABA—has brought ABA therapy to many individuals who otherwise would not have access to it because of their geographic location.

Tele-health is also beneficial for patents who may be fearful and resistant to meeting face-to-face with applied behavior analysts in a clinic setting or those unable or unwilling to engage in center-based ABA therapy. It serves as a cost-saving measure for many families, as it eliminates travel time and the need to miss work. Applied behavior analysts can deliver ABA interventions quickly via teleconferencing sessions at times convenient to the parents.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Every child and young adult is unique. And, no treatment plan fits all. Our professionals provide a regular assessment of each patient’s needs to create a personalized ABA treatment program tailored to their needs.

Each treatment plan is based on the necessary areas that a patient must improve on. From time to time, our professionals will measure the patient’s progress by gathering important data, so we can determine whether he or she is ready for an improved set of behavior intervention plans.