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Creating opportunities for learners in the community

Our Approach to ABA

All learners participating in community-based and center-based learning are provided an initial assessment in addition to a functional behavior assessment to identify specific and measurable behavioral goals to address challenging behaviors and social deficits. Based upon the assessments the learner is then provided with an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). Each learner enrolled in center or community based learning will have their own treatment team consisting of a BHT supervised by a BCBA. Whether in the center or in the community the learner will be provided with multiple opportunities to practice the skill and achieve the desired behavior. Given the unique needs of each learner, the intensity and location of service delivery will vary based on clinical need and best practice recommendations for the learner.

Community-Based Learning

Community-Based learning provides children the opportunity to learn in their respective community with other children from their neighborhood and, in some cases, their siblings. This opportunity for community immersion and integration is a major advantage because learners are engaged in authentic learning experiences. Furthermore, the types of inclusive opportunities that can be offered in the community are limitless.